All the benefits of external insulation systems and ventilated curtain wall

Isoclip® is equipped with a EPS panel added with graphite. Internally, Isoclip® is composed by an effective insulating stratigraphy. The panel’s adhesive surface, as well as its steel hooks, allows the installation of a stoneware slab. The result is a stylish and high standard solution for your building, with unmatched durability and resistance.

Efficient delivery

We take care of every order internally, from the beginning to the end. We are able to rapidly install the Isoclip® system on every stoneware slab and deliver you the packaged panels on pallets, ready to be installed.

The benefits of choosing Isoclip®

Isoclip® The system that makes a difference




It guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation
Quick and easy to install
Strong and durable
Saves you money
No plastering needed

Isoclip® how it is made?

  • Mortar

    Using a double coating technique, the layer of mortar is distributed on external walls to reduce its superficial irregularities.

  • Isoclip®

    The panels are composed by a stoneware slab attached to a EPS panel with 4 stainless steel hooks and a layer of strong adhesive.

  • Stainless steel hooks

    Segmented clamps to maximise the panel stability.

  • Levellers

    Levelling standoffs that allow to obtain a smooth result without gaps in between adjoining surfaces.

Isoclip® certifications

Given its high standards and quality, Isoclip® has exceeded in the most strict regulatory tests obtaining essential proof of its considerable performance as a external insulation system.

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