The correct direction to install the ISOCLIP® panels is from the bottom right and continue towards the left.

The ideal team of operators is made up of 3 to 4 people who can install between 70 and 90 m2 per day.

The glue can be applied at temperatures between 5° and 35°C.


ISOCLIP® can be installed on different types of wall facing. The steps to follow are as follows:
• Check the coplanarity of the support; in case of unevenness, a smoothing compound can be used;
• Check the type of anchor to be applied; the system weighs max 20kg/m2;
• Cleaning the surface and/or applying a primer (not mandatory);
• Installation of the starting profile and alignment checks;
• Applying glue with a notched trowel with grooves parallel to the short side both on the support and on the Isoclip® panel with glue having the following characteristics: C2TES2;
• Fixing with dowels (n°4 per panel);
• Adjustment of the flatness of the panels and joints (4-5 mm);
• Polyurethane grouting and the creation of expansion joints maximum every 12 m2
(can be carried out within 24 hours of installing the panel);


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