Porcelain stoneware external insulation systems


Porcelain stoneware thermal insulation coat

Quick installation even in severe thermo-hygrometric conditions, high impact resistance, no maintenance needed and a wide selection of finishes and colors.

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Aesthetics of the product and finishes

Wide choice of porcelain stoneware with different finishes and colors.

The standard size of the panel is 60×120.

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Isoclip laying and installation

The installation of ISOCLIP® is extremely simple and quick. The ISOCLIP® panel provided is pre-coupled (insulator and porcelain stoneware) and ready for the installation, with a consequent reduction of the on-site operations.

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Thermal insulation


Acoustic insulation




Impact resistance


Simple and quick installation


No maintenance


CAM certification

How is Isoclip® made ?

What is ISOCLIP®?

The new ISOCLIP® system is the ideal solution for the thermal insulation coat of an external facade combined with porcelain stoneware.

Combining the qualities of the ceramic material with an innovative application system, ISOCLIP® guarantees high performance, maximum versatility, and total creative freedom.

Features and advantages

ISOCLIP® avoids at least three problematic aspects of traditional insulation coats:

1 – the installation issues at extreme temperatures,

2 – the low impact resistance,

3 – the installation time is reduced by more than 50%.

The advantages of choosing ISOCLIP

Aesthetics 100%
Thermal Insulation 75%
Installation time 50%
No maintenance 100%

Our Expertise at your Service

Beauty and comfort

A thermal insulation coat paired with a porcelain stoneware panel in a single panel: ISOCLIP®.

Our warranties

ISOCLIP® guarantees a quick installation, impact resistance, and requires no maintenance.

ISOCLIP® the patented system

Technology, research, development, and creativity for your facade.

ISOCLIP® finishes and colors

Your thermally insulated facade is now aesthetically tailored to your preferences thanks to the wide choice of porcelain stoneware with different finishes and colors.

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