A patented system

Isoclip® offers you a safe and durable solution to guarantee the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building and protection against impacts. Together with the glue, four suitably shaped mechanically anchors fix the porcelain stoneware slab to the EPS insulating panel and at the same time to the building, so as to withstand all the stresses to which the cladding is subjected over time, without resorting to any maintenance.

Eco-bonuses and Facades Bonuses

Are you going to renovate your house? Isoclip® is the insulation system that allows you to access the benefits provided by Ecobonus and Bonus Facades. The materials used are CAM compliant and meet the safety and energy efficiency criteria required by the regulations.

The advantages of a new facade, without drawbacks

The Isoclip® system is ready for use. We directly deliver the porcelain stoneware slabs already assembled to the EPS insulating panel, to facilitate quick assembly. In 24/36 hours it is possible to cover even the most imposing facades, often without resorting to scaffolding or scaffolding. Just apply mortar, plugs and seal the joints.

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